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Period of closure/ Work on the network

Definition of a closure in waterway transport

In general, closure refers to a ceasing of activities. At the Waterways Department, it refers to a period of closure to waterway traffic to be able to perform work on the network. It is the period over which the workload is highest for our staff. This closure to navigation can last anything from 10 days on the canalised Moselle River to 4 or even 6 weeks for narrow-gauge canals.

Over this period, certain reaches are completely or partially emptied, whilst others remain filled to allow boats to be moored. All the maintenance and repair operations that cannot be performed while boats are operating or when the canal is filled with water are then carried out.

The closures calendar, approved by a decision of Voies Navigables de France, is published at the beginning of the year. It is displayed at the entrance and exit to all inland waterways and in certain key locks of the concerned itinerary. It is also communicated to the general public (through the press) and navigation professionals. The North-East inter-regional department (AHME/ER) issues waterway announcements (1 announcement per concerned waterway) as a reminder of this calendar.

To obtain information on all closures click here - website
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