Specific police regulations

The navigation police is governed by the general regulations of the inland waterway navigation police for which the implementation is defined in the specific police regulations; on each map, the specific police regulation in force for the waterway covered:

Canaux de la Meuse, des Vosges et Marne au Rhin (GIF) Canal des Ardennes (GIF)


Regarding the International Moselle


See below the site of the Moselle Commission
Dispositions générales sur toute la Moselle (GIF) Dispositions spécifiques - A l'aval de Wadrineau (Moselle) (GIF)

Cependant, certaines dispositions du RGP ne s’appliquent pas.

However, certain provisions of the general police regulations do not apply.
In effect, in its decision of 8 March 1995, the Moselle Commission invites the user States to apply the new police regulations for navigation on the Moselle (RPNM) as of 1 July 1995, under the reserve of a few transitional provisions. By prefectoral order of 23 June 1998, the RPNM adopted by the Moselle Commission comes into force in France for the International Moselle.

The navigation police on the rest of the Moselle (upstream of the Wadrinau guard gate) is governed by the general police regulations and the Moselle specific police regulations.

 Marne au Rhin canal, Meuse canal (CEBN), Vosges canal (CEBS) (PDF format - 126.6 ko)
 Moselle (PDF format - 64.5 ko)
 Ardennes canal (PDF format - 96.5 ko)

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