Bazin vertical lift bridge




History of the installation :

The Bazin vertical lift bridge was built in 1995. Its deck lifts to a height of 4 m to allow waterway traffic to pass. In its lowered position, it re-connects the one-way road traffic from rue Bazin to a two-way road. It is owned by the Greater Nancy Urban Community, but it is operated by the Navigation du Nord-Est service. The vertical lift bridge is manouvered by an Malzéville drawbridge control room.

Characteristics of the previous installation :

- Installation type: Lift bridge
- Operation: Mechanised
- County: Meurthe-et-Moselle
- City: Nancy
- Waterway: Marne au Rhin East canal
- Side : Meurthe
Reach: 27
- Territorial subdivision: Nancy
- Kilometre point: 163.460
- Construction date: 1995
- Carried road: Rue Bazin
- Tonnage limitation: none
- Height above waterline: 4 m height over width of 12 m
- Manoeuvring time: 60 seconds
- Hydraulic installation: 2 telescopic cylinders and 2 X 2 pumps with 110 kW motors
- X = 883,904.6 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y = 2,417,601.5 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)


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