The Messein elevation plant




Historique de l’ouvrage :

The Messein elevation plant is located at the junction of the Vosges canal and the Nancy branch. Its construction dates back to the construction of the two waterways from 1874 to 1882.

To supply the Nancy branch with water, a channel on the right bank of the Flavigny-sur-Moselle fixed-crest weir deviates part of the natural-state Moselle water flow. This water is transported through the channel to the Messein elevation plant. From there, it is directed into two ascending conduits 40 metres in height, then flows by gravity to the summit reach of the Nancy branch.

The plant is equipped with 4 pumps, of which only 2 operate, and a turbine. Part of the building is occupied by installations of the Nancy Agglomeration District, which supplies 16 towns and about 250,000 persons with drinking water.

Installation characteristics :

- County: Meurthe-et-Moselle
- City: Messein
- Waterways supplied: Nancy branch and canalised Moselle.
- Territorial subdivision: Nancy
- Date of construction: 1874 to 1882
- Equipment: 1 turbine (not in use) of the type Kaplan operating under a fall of 6 m and equipped with a 175 kW alternator. 4 pumps (of which 1 not in use) operating under 2 m of water and with motor power of 68 kW with a flow of 1350 m³/h


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