Clévant Control Station




The control station is located in the Clévant lock control room. In addition to the manoeuvres of the wide-gauge lock (for commercial boats entering or leaving the Frouard port) and the Freycinet-gauge lock (for pleasure boats navigating from the Marne au Rhin East canal to the Moselle, and inversely), it ensures the remote operation of Lock No. 27 of the Marne au Rhin East canal.

Furthermore, it is here that the Centralised Coordinated Management of Moselle weirs takes place. These installations are supervised by three PCs, one per subdivision.

- Toul subdivision: The Villey-le-Sec, Chaudeney and Aingeray weirs are monitored remotely but not controlled remotely.

- Pont-à-Mousson subdivision: The Pompey, Frouard, Liégeot and Pont-à-Mousson weirs are remotely controlled.

- Metz subdivision: The Jouy-aux-Arches, Wadrineau, Uckange, Argancy, Koenigsmacker and Apach weirs are monitored remotely but not controlled remotely.

Eventually, when the cabling work will have been completed on some of these installations, all of the weirs will be remotely manoeuvred from the Clévant control station. Sensors measure reach water levels and send information to the supervisors in Clévant. From there, manoeuvres are performed on each weir to optimally regulate water flow on the natural-state Moselle and ensure the stability of the water depth fro navigation

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