The Golbey chain of locks




History of the installation :

The construction of the 15 first locks of the Vosges Canal on the Moselle side (ex East Canal, South branch) lasted from June 1876 to April 1879 (with the exception of lock No. 11) and the work was completed in August 1880. At the time, they were all manually and individually manoeuvred.
Over the course of 1999, major renovation and automation work was performed on these installations, separated from each other by 150 to 300 metres. Since then they are manoeuvred from a single Control Station located at Lock No. 15. Thus, any boat travelling up or down the locks, to or from the port of Epinal is systematically handled by this Control Station.

Installation characteristics :

- Installation type: Chain of locks
- Operation: Automated
- County: Vosges
- City: Golbey 
- Waterway: Vosges Canal
- Territorial subdivision: Epinal
- Kilometre point: 83.166 to 86.363
- Date of automation: 1999
- Locking time: 12 to 15 minutes
- Time required to pass through chain: 3 hours for pleasure boats and 3 hours and 30 minutes for loaded commercial boats.

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