Thunimont swing bridge




History of the installation :

It was built in 1880, during the construction of the Vosges Canal to re-establish road access across the canal. Five bridges of this type were built: this one, the second at Freland and the third in Sanchey (only the civil engineering structure remains), the fourth in Selles and the last one in Les Forges (completely demolished). They were all of the same type with the same operation (manual).

At this time, another swing bridge was built in Thaon-les-Vosges and it was owned by BTT (Blanchisserie et Teinturerie de Thaon)

Installation characteristics :

- Installation type: swing bridge
- Operation: manual
County: Vosges
- City: Thunimont
- Waterway: Vosges Canal
- Side: Saône
- Reach: 24
- Territorial subdivision: Epinal
- Kilometre point: 113.193
- Carried road: Departmental road No. 44
- Start of operation: 1880
- Maximum span: 13.35 m
- Length of opening: 6.00 m
- Working width of carried road: 3.00 m + 2 footpaths of 0.50 m
- Load limitation: 15.00 tonnes
- X = 893,431.3 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y = 2,346,379.3 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)

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