The Argancy weir




History of the installation :

The work on the weir and the Metz Power Plant, located on the left bank, started in 1931. They were completed in 1933, the year in which the power plant started producing electricity for the power grid. In 1978, work was started to renovate and automate the plant, and to adapt the weir to the new navigation conditions on the wide-gauge Moselle.

Installation characteristics :

- Installation type: Cylinder-gate weir
- Operation: Mechanised
- County: Moselle
- City: Argancy
- Waterway: Moselle in natural state
- Territorial subdivision: Metz
- Kilometre point: 712.18
Construction date: 1931
- Drop height: 5.45 m
- Number of sluiceways: 4 of 27.50 m
- Crest length: 120 m
- Total opening: 110.00 m
- X = 881,071.8 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y = 2,472,737.4 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)

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