Belleville-sur-Meuse weir




History of the installation :

This needle weir was built between 1874 and 1880, when the river Meuse was canalised. In 1920, it was totally dismantled and re-built. Downstream of Verdun, it controls the reservoir water retention in the crossing of the agglomeration. It has the particularity (amongst the Meuse weirs) of being equipped with a needle handling system. This system facilitates needle transportation when the installation is manoeuvred.

Characteristics of the original installation :

- Installation type: Needle and frame weir (POIRE)
- Operation: Manual
- County: Meuse
- City: Belleville-sur-Meuse
- Waterway: Meuse in natural state
- Territorial subdivision: Verdun
- Kilometre point: 201.893
- Construction date: 1874 to 1880
- Drop height: 1.80 m
- Number of sluiceways: 3 of 24.30 m
- Total opening: 72.90 m (between abutments)
- X = 822,063.9 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y = 2,468,107.1 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)

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