Villers-devant-Mouzon weir




History of the installation :

This needle weir, dating back to 1880, has the particularity of having two passes of different widths. Over 2005, an experiment was conducted on the smaller of the two passes. The frames and needles were replaced by a metal gate, manoeuvred by a cylindrical, flexible and watertight cushion positioned underneath. By inflating this cushion, the gate is lifted, increasing the water retention (low water level). Inversely, by deflating the cushion, the gate is lowered thus reducing water retention (high water).

Characteristics of the original installation :

- Installation type: Needle and frame weir (POIRE)
- Operation: Manual
- County: Ardennes
- City: Villers-devant-Mouzon
- Waterway: Meuse in natural state
- Territorial subdivision: Charleville-Mézières
- Kilometre point: 118.000
- Construction date: 1875 to 1880
- Drop height: 1.70 m
- Number of sluiceways: 2 + 1 of 17.40 m
- X = 794,733.4 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y = 2,519,101.3 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)

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