Villers-devant-Mouzon guard gate




History of the installation :

The Villers-devant-Mouzon guard gate dates back to 1880, and is located close to the weir, at the start of the Meuse navigable bypass. In the event of high river water, the dam is lowered and does not retain water. The guard gate is closed, before the rise in water level thus isolating the navigable bypass and the boats in the bypass. There is therefore no or little variation of water level downstream of the guard gate.

Installation characteristics :

- Installation type: Guard gate
- Operation: manual
- County: Ardennes
- City: Villers-devant-Mouzon
- Waterway: Meuse canal
- Territorial subdivision: Charleville-Mézières
- Kilometre point: 118.000
- X = 794,531.0 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y = 2,519,236.7 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)

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