Bairon reservoir




History of the installation :

Work on the Ardennes canal, which links the Meuse canal with the Aisne lateral canal, started in 1821. Twelve years later, operations started.

In addition to the two water outtakes from the Bar, the Bairon reservoir supplies the Ardennes canal summit reach by gravity, at kilometre point 23.500.

This reservoir dam was built on the Bairon stream to increase to 4,500,000 m³ the 600,000 m³ of water already stored in an existing reservoir. This installation comprises a main downstream dyke and an intermediate dyke between the two reservoirs (the upstream one being the smallest).

Installation characteristics :

- County: Ardennes
- City: Le Chesne
- Supplied waterway: Ardennes canal
- Reach: Summit reach No. 1
- Territorial subdivision: Charleville-Mézières
- Type: Gravity dam
- Waterway: Avière
- Construction company: unknown
- Construction: 1821
- Filled with water: 1833
- Operating volume: 4,500,000 m³
- Reservoir area: 1.360 km²
- Dyke crest length: 437 m
- Dyke height: 10.97 m above foundations
- Dyke crest width: 8.20 m
- Maximum width at level of natural terrain: 66.00 m
- Upstream and downstream facing angle: 3/1
- NGF altitude of crest: 176.20 m
- Type of rocks and ground: Blue clay and white marl on fissured limestone and rocks on limestone
- Dam body volume: 160,000 m3
- X centroid of reservoir = 776,873.1 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y centroid of reservoir = 2,506,319.5 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)

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