Quatre Cheminées weir



History of the current installation :

The Quatre Cheminées weir dates back to the canalisation of the Meuse (1875) and it is the last weir before the Belgian border. It is in the Ardennes region that the risk of flooding in the Meuse basin is the highest. The high waters of 1995, which are the highest on record, resulted in considerable damage estimated at € 250 Million. The level of disrepair of this installation and its general state required major maintenance work. For this reason, it was decided not to repair this weir but rather to build a new mechanised weir. It will be located about 100 metres downstream of the current weir, which will remain in operation for the duration of the work.
Design of new installation :

The construction of the new Quatre Cheminées weir is a part of the reconstruction and/or modernisation programme for the 24 manually-operated weirs on the Meuse and also a part of the flood prevention plan. The required coherence of the installations to be built by different owners justified a major pre-study and registration in a General Interest Programme, under the auspices of the EPAMA. All of these operations can be accomplished only with a major contribution from Europe, the Government, the Champagne-Ardenne and Lorraine regions and the Ardennes and Meuse counties.
Characteristics of the current installation :

- Installation type: Needle weir (POIRE)
- Operation: Manual
- County: Ardennes
- City: Givet
- Waterway: canalised Meuse
- Territorial subdivision: Givet
- Kilometre point: 2.750
- Construction date: 1875
- Drop height: 2.60 m
- Number of sluiceways: 4
- Total opening: 111.47 m
- X = 778,680.0 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y = 2,574,990.0 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
Characteristics of the new installation :

- Installation type: Gate weir
- Operation: Mechanised
-  County: Ardennes
- City: Givet
- Waterway: Meuse in natural state
- Territorial subdivision: Givet
- Kilometre point: 2.650
- Construction date: 2006 to 2008
- Drop height: 4.00 m
- Number of sluiceways: 8
- Total opening: 120.00 m
- X = 778,680.0 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
- Y = 2,574,990.0 (Lambert II cartography coordinates)
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