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“Les Insolites de la Marionnette” (puppetry fair)

“Les Insolites de la Marionnette” (puppetry fair) in Réchicourt-le-Château
Sunday 29 August 2010

Marc PAPINUTTI appointed VNF director general

Mr. Marc PAPINUTTI, Director general of Voies Navigables de France

Closures on the Moselle

The work performed during the 10 days of closure on the Moselle contribute to the changes to the Maintenance function.

Consolidation of the Oberlin dyke

The VNF North-East Dept. will soon consolidate the canal dyke running parallel to Rue Oberlin in NANCY, between the Malzéville drawbridge and the Lecreulx footbridge.

Increasing the clearance of the bridge over the ex-RN3

Since the beginning of March 2010, the road bridge of the ex-RN3, which crosses the Moselle in Metz, is being worked on. Voies Navigables de France is increasing the bridge’s clearance.

Renovation of the Argancy dam

The restoration work on the cylinder gates started at the end of March, on he Argancy dam.

Cofferdam on the Koenigsmacker dam // 2d

On the downstream section of the Moselle, on the Koenigsmaker section, VNF North-East Dept. employees are starting renovation work on the second dam gate.

Delivery of a construction vehicle

How do you build a dam?

The construction of this dam forms part of the Meuse flood prevention programme in the Givet territory.

Weedkiller alternatives

The VNF North-East Dept., in partnership with the Rhine-Meuse Water Agency and the FREDON Lorraine organised a demonstration of alternative techniques to weedkillers, which took place at the BOUZEY reservoir dam on 19 April.

Inauguration of the "Quatre Cheminées" dam in Givet

The Quatre Cheminées was commissioned on 15 October 2008 and was recently inaugurated on 22 April 2010 by local and national personalities, politicians, State and VNF representatives.

A webcam in Apach

The VNF North-East Inter-regional Department proposes the first waterway webcam on the French network.

Medals of recognition

Facelift for the Ardennes Canal

A well-deserved medal

Mr. Jean-Philippe MORETAU awarded “chevalier de l’ordre national du mérite” (knight in France’s national order of merit).

Construction of a pier at Revigny sur Ornain

The personnel at the operations centre have rolled up their sleeves to take on the construction of a mooring pier for the recreational users of the “Canal de la Marne au Rhin Ouest” (CMRO) in Revigny sur Ornain (55).

Summary of work conducted in 2009 at the VNF North-East Dept.

In 2009, the North-East Inter-regional Department invested over € 24.3 million in the modernisation of its infrastructures.

Prefect BELLION visiting the canals

Mr. Dominique BELLION, Prefect of Meurthe et Moselle visits the North-East Navigation Department, VNF Inter-regional Department.

Fire safety drill in the Koenigsmacker lock

A burning boat in the Koenigsmacker lock...
On that Thursday, under the cover of a light fog, a boat entering the lock declared:
"fire in the engine room, casualty in control room..." the full firefighting team was deployed... like a full-scale drill. 

Cofferdam on the Koenigsmacker dam

A new cofferdam system, being experimented for the first time, was transported by a pusher to perform maintenance and repair work on the Koenigsmacker dam.

Interruption to navigation on the Vosges canal

Recently, the Épinal subdivision conducted major work to restore the initial characteristics of this waterway.

Signature of an administrative arrangement for the works on the border at Apach.

An agreement between the German, Luxembourgish and French administrations has been concluded to define the procedures with regard to the maintenance, modernisation and operating work on the Apach place’s different operating installations.

Managing interruptions to navigation on the moselle in 2009

Du 16 au 24 juin la Moselle était chômée. En fait les agents VNF ont procédé, avec des entreprises, à une série de travaux de modernisation et de maintenance d’ouvrages.

Award ceremony for 5 deserving agents


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